Drive Wheaton Presents Driving Change for the United Way


BULLY Mac A unique blend of six different cheeses, all married together to make our signature “cheese sauce” topped on our already cheesy macaroni


Chef-made Bison and Elk BULLY Dog Locally-raised Bison and Elk, lightly seasoned and smoked, served on a cradle bun and topped with house-made bruschetta, BULLY coleslaw, four-cheese blend and of course BULLY cheese sauce and bacon $8
Roasted Turkey Sandwich Smoked local turkey, seasoned and sliced thin, served on a chef-made corn bread buttermilk biscuit with fresh tomato bruschetta, spinach, four cheese blend and lemon vinaigrette-tossed spinach and crispy bacon  $8
Bacon wrapped inside out cabbage rolls Lean ground pork stuffed with tender, pickled cabbage, sautéed onions wrapped in bacon and topped with rich garlic tomato sauce. Served with baby truffled potato salad and fresh greens $8

La Poutine

Traditional Poutine Hand-cut fries, squeaky cheese curds, gravy


Vegan Poutine Hand-cut fries, Daiya vegan cheese, gravy $7
Canadian Poutine Traditional Poutine + bacon $9
Supreme Poutine Traditional Poutine + bacon, sour cream, green onion $9

Smokehouse BBQ

Smokehouse Pulled Pork 


Burnt Ends Sandwich (Brisket) $8
Bacon Bomb Sandwich $8
Pulled Pork Poutine $8

Pig BallsRisotto ball stuffed with pulled pork and caramelized onions, topped with raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce

Deep Fried Pickles $5

The Local Omnivore

Grilled Bulgogi Chicken sandwich: grilled chicken lettuce tomatoe cheddar and mayo on turkish bread and our 'Super Smoked Cheddar BLT' house smoked bacon lettuce tomato cheddar and mayo on toasted turkish sandwich

Little Village Food Truck &s; Catering Co.

Chicken souvlaki
Lil' roasted lambwich
Kefteddy burger
Little lemon roasted potatoes

Yellowbird Cafe Truck

Teriyaki Loco Moco: Loco Moco is a traditional Hawaiian Rice bowl. Teriyaki burger patty, a hard-boiled egg served with salad. $8
Gyu-Don Beef: Japanese Beef bowl. Thinly sliced beef cooked with soy sauce, grilled veggies, and a hard-boiled egg over rice. Served with salad. $8
Miso Pork Sandwich: Miso marinated slow cooked pork, Daikon radish and carrot ska wand lettuce with miso mayonnaise. $8
Basil Chicken Sandwich: Homemade chicken salad and fresh avocado with basil pesto. $8
Fresh Lemonade $3
Italian Soda $3.50
Pop/Water $1.50


Montréal smoked meat
Smoked turkey club
Korean-style country pâté
Chocolate – cherry ice cream sandwiches

Sailin' On

Coconut BLT: coconut bacon, home made roasted garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, and carrot on a flour tortilla.
Reuben: seitan 'corned beef', home made vegan thousand island, vegan havarti, and sauerkraut, all on toasted marble rye. Served with a dill pickle.
Burrito: beans, rice, vegan cheddar, and taco veggies. Served on a flour tortilla, with salsa verde and a lime wedge.
We will also serve jarritos soda, bottled water, and possibly vegan cookies.