2014 Honda Ridgeline vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

2014 Honda Ridgeline 2015 Chevy Colorado
13.6 l/100km City Fuel Economy 11.9 l/100km
9.6 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 8.8 l/100km
1530 lbs. Payload 1450 lbs.
5000 lbs. Towing Capacity 3500 lbs.

2014 Honda Ridgeline vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

2014 Honda Ridgeline vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

We wanted to compare the Honda Ridgeline against another one of its competitors, but since the small truck market is spread so thin it was difficult to find a worthy foe. Reluctantly, we decided to pit it against another one of our favorite little powerhouses to see how they measure up to one another when we looked at the 2014 Honda Ridgeline vs 2015 Chevy Colorado. Needless to say, they certainly each have their own separate advantages, leaving no clear victor in our honest opinion.

On the one hand, given the table above, the Honda Ridgeline is much more capable than the Chevy Colorado. With the ability to hold 80 pounds more in its bed and haul an extra 1500 lbs. behind it, it makes a great choice for those drivers looking for a vehicle to haul their MX, ATV or anything else of the sort. But the advantage isn’t so astronomical that it leaves the Colorado in the dust. And on the other hand, the Colorado has much better fuel efficiency, needing nearly 2 l/100km less in city streets and almost 1 l/100km less on the highway. It might not sound like much, but that’s a good amount of change you’re saving at the gas pump each month, which all adds up to a much bigger amount.

Unique Features of Ridgeline and Colorado

Of course, there are other significant features that each of these great trucks has that the other doesn’t, and they both happen to revolve around the bed of each truck. The Colorado for instance has its trademark GearOn cargo management system. GearOn allows drivers to reconfigure their bed to fit exactly what they want where they want it, and is one of the main reasons the Colorado was so exciting. The Ridgeline on the other hand has an equally exciting bed that was revolutionary when it first came out.

For starters, it was the first truck to offer a lockable in-bed trunk, providing an extra 8.5 cu. ft. of cargo capacity where you can store any valuables or items you’d like to be protected from the weather. In addition to this, the Ridgeline has one of the most versatile tailgates in the industry. Not only is it designed to support 300 lbs. of weight so that you can carry heavy things like an ATV with the gate down to accommodate the extra length, but it is also the first ever dual-action tailgate. That means it flips down like a regular tailgate, or it can open to the side like a door for easier access.

Either of these trucks would make great choices for someone interested in a small truck, so go ahead and schedule a test driver for one of them right here on our website or call their respective sales teams with any further questions!


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