2014 Toyota Matrix Edmonton AB

2014 Toyota Matrix Edmonton AB

Unfortunately, the compact hatchback known as the Matrix won’t be returning to the Toyota lineup anytime soon, as it was recently discontinued. But, we still have a few of the final installment in this vehicle’s 12 year legacy in stock. So if you’re interested in a spacious hatchback, don’t look past the 2014 Toyota Matrix in Edmonton AB. Designed to give you the maneuverability of a very small car while still having plenty of room to hold all your stuff, the Matrix is the perfect city car.

Housing a tiny little 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, it kicks out a respectable 132 horsepower. For a compact city car, you don’t need much more power than that. Plus, having such a low-key engine means far better fuel economy. How does 7.7 l/100km on city streets and 6.1 l/100km on the highway sound? Thrifty, that’s how it sounds. You’ll be saving a lot of money at the gas pump by switching to the 2014 Toyota Matrix without sacrificing space or style.

Interior Features of the 2014 Toyota Matrix

2014 Toyota Matrix Edmonton AB

The most important interior feature of the 2014 Toyota Matrix is its awesome cargo deck. The Matrix was designed to be small, but still fit all of your stuff. The cargo deck makes packing it up and taking it wherever it is you’re headed much simpler. For starters, the back seat features a 60/40 split so that you can still have someone sitting even if you have some items that are too big to fit in the designated cargo area. Furthermore those seats fold-flat, creating a nice even surface for you to slide whatever it is you need to carry and not worry about it falling between seats or getting stuck. The non-skid strips go from the tip of the deck to the top of the rear seats too, preventing your big stuff from sliding all over the place as you move.

There are plenty of storage areas throughout the rest of the car as well. For instance door pockets with built-in bottle holders on all four doors, a nice sectional cup holder in the center console and an available overhead console for sunglasses or other assorted goodies. Plenty of places for you to hide your goodies throughout the matrix. Plus the AUX input is located in a custom-designed box that holds your portable device, making it even easier to play your favorite tunes while you drive.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these great 2014 Toyota Matrix models, just go ahead and give the Toyota on the Trail sales team a call. Or you can even schedule a test drive right here on our website.


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