2015 Buick LaCrosse vs 2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Buick LaCrosse 2015 Lincoln MKZ
304 HP Horsepower 240 HP
9.6 l/100km City Fuel Economy 10.5 l/100km
6.5 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 7.0 l/100km
101.6 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 86.6 cu. ft.

2015 Buick LaCrosse vs 2015 Lincoln MKZ

2015 Buick LaCrosse vs 2015 Lincoln MKZ

We’ve talked about the popularity of luxury sport vehicles in the past, and while Buick might not be nearly as well-known or well-versed in the segment as Cadillac, they definitely have what it takes to offer a vehicle that fits the mold. The Buick Regal is perhaps their biggest luxury sport vehicle, and it has a storied history of being one of the fastest Buick’s to ever grace the road, but that doesn’t mean it is the only fast car in the lineup. The LaCrosse has an available engine upgrade to make it nearly as quick as its bigger sibling, but let’s take a closer look at it in comparison with a competitor, with the 2015 Buick LaCrosse vs 2015 Lincoln MKZ.


LaCrosse Specifications and Features

Choosing a 2015 Buick LaCrosse with the upgraded engine will give you 304 horsepower, which is over 60 more horses than the maximum of the Lincoln MKZ. So if its luxury sport you’re looking for, the Buick has already shown its superior ways. But with speed and power generally comes the sacrifice of fuel economy and other areas of the vehicle, but not in the LaCrosse. Even with that much more power, the Buick vehicle consumes less fuel on both city streets and the highway. This means you’re going to be spending less money at the gas pump as well as making fewer trips there in the first place.

But speed and fuel efficiency aren’t the only things you should be looking at. If you’re purchasing a luxury vehicle, that means you want the cabin to be convenient, but most of all to be comfortable. What could say comfort more than an extra 5 cubic feet of space inside the cabin. You can stretch your legs, invite your tall friends, and much more inside the spacious cabin of the midsize Buick LaCrosse, and you just can’t do it as well in the Lincoln MKZ. Make the right choice, choose the 2015 Buick LaCrosse.


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