2015 GMC Acadia vs 2015 Ford Explorer

2015 GMC Acadia 2015 Ford Explorer
9.8 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 10.2 l/100km
8 Seating Up To 7
24.1 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 21 cu. ft. 
100,000 miles Powertrain Warranty 60,000 miles

2015 GMC Acadia vs 2015 Ford Explorer

2015 GMC Acadia vs 2015 Ford Explorer

We’ve said it so many times you might be sick of it by now, but the crossover style is becoming more and more popular every year. With all different sizes and styles, there is a wide array of crossovers to choose from, among which is the 2015 GMC Acadia. A full-size crossover with tons of room for passengers, cargo or a combination of both, the Acadia would be a great choice for anyone who needs space. We decided to pit it against one of its competitors that probably sounds more familiar to you with the 2015 GMC Acadia vs 2015 Ford Explorer.

As the table above shows, the large crossover from the GMC brand certainly has its advantages in multiple fronts, space being one of them. As far as passengers are concerned, the Acadia can sit up to 8 while the Ford Explorer can only seat 7. And the cargo area at the back of the GMC Acadia can accommodate 3.1 extra cubic feet of space than the Explorer. That might not seem like a lot, but in cubic feet 3 is far more than it seems. Plus they each have the ability to drop the seats down, creating 70.1 cu. ft. in the Acadia but only 43.8 cu. ft. in the Explorer. Drop that second row as well for 116.1 cu. ft. in the GMC or a measly 80.7 cu. ft. in the Ford.


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In larger vehicles its difficult to get great fuel economy, but you still expect it to be halfway decent, as you should. Driving on the highway, the GMC Acadia is a good deal more efficient than the Ford Explorer so if saving money at the pump is important to you, which it probably should be, then the GMC may be the smarter choice. Plus, GMC offers a comprehensive warranty program generally unmatched by other manufacturers. A taste of this is evidenced above with the limited powertrain warranty, as the Acadia gets an extra 40,000 miles to utilize the warranty.

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