2015 GMC Canyon vs 2015 Nissan Frontier

2015 GMC Canyon 2015 Nissan Frontier
200 HP / 191 lb-ft Power Specs 152 HP / 171 lb-ft
11.9 l/100km / 8.8 l/100km Fuel Economy 13.7 l/100km / 10.6 l/100km
1450 lbs. Max Payload 915 lbs.
49.9 cu. ft. Cargo Volume 33.5 cu. ft.

2015 GMC Canyon vs 2015 Nissan Frontier

2015 GMC Canyon vs 2015 Nissan Frontier

The 2015 GMC Canyon, alongside the Colorado, is one of the most popular all-new vehicles of the 2015 model year. The buzz surrounding it in the months leading to its release was astounding, and we just thought we would remind you about just how great this truck is by comparing it to one of its biggest competitors in the small truck segment with the 2015 GMC Canyon vs 2015 Nissan Frontier. The all-new Canyon might not have as much time on the market as the Frontier after taking a hiatus for a few years, but this new generation has enough great features and best-in-class claims to show just how awesome it is.

The Best-In-Class GMC Canyon

Simply taking a gander at the table above will show just how out of its depth the Nissan Frontier truly is. The trucks may be small on purpose, but that doesn’t mean that having more space to hold your stuff isn’t still a pretty big advantage. The Canyon can hold over 15 cubic feet more of your stuff in its bed, and it can all way just over 500 lbs. more as well with a big boost to payload.

But the specs regarding what’s under the hood are even more important. 48 more horsepower, 20 more foot-pounds of torque. This big advantage in power is what allows the Canyon to hold more in its bed and will give you a better driving experience behind the wheel. But more than that, the Canyon’s truly best-in-class fuel efficiency is unreal for a truck, even a small one. 11.9 l/100km through city streets and 8.8 l/100km on the highway, each of which is nearly 2 whole litres better than the Frontier, That’s going to save you a whole bunch of change at the gas station. If you’re interested in this great small truck, give the Don Wheaton sales team a call.


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