2015 Honda Accord Edmonton AB

Making its initial debut in 1976, the Accord is one of the two oldest Honda models vehicles still being made today, alongside the Honda Civic. The Accord just entered a new generation in 2013, going through some cosmetic changes and a few mechanical as well. We are just as excited for the 2015 Honda Accord in Edmonton AB as we were for the new generation a couple of years ago, as the Accord always promises to be one of the best and safest vehicles in the Honda lineup.

Last year, the 2014 Honda Accord took home Kelley Blue Book awards for Best Mid-Size Car, Best Plug-In Vehicle, and Best 5-Year Cost to Own. We expect the new model year to do just as well, if not rake in more titles from the Kelley Blue Book awards. The Honda-exclusive Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure is built with an extremely high-grade steel and designed to distribute force of a head on collision throughout the vehicle better to reduce the amount of force transferred to the cabin. Combining this with all sorts of other features, like the now-standard rearview camera, or plethora of airbags, delivers confidence to any driver that you and all your passengers will remain safe even in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Different 2015 Honda Accord Models

2015 Honda Accord Edmonton AB

The 2015 Honda Accord comes in four different model types that each offer different options to different types of drivers. The four models are Sedan, Coupe, Plug-In, and Hybrid. The main difference between the four different models is going to be fuel efficiency, but there are also different trims and engine options available within each model that will offer different power and performance as well.

The Sedan and Coupe are the two most popular Accord models, and the main difference is the amount of space in the cabin. The Sedan is geared more towards family drivers or those who might need to travel with more cargo, while the Coupe is generally reserved for the sportier driver. The Coupe only has two doors, and while they both have seating for up to five passengers, the 8 extra cubic feet of passenger volume in the Accord Sedan means that they’ll be a lot more comfortable than squeezing three people into the back seat of your Coupe. And the two extra cubic feet of cargo volume in the Sedan means you’ll be able to bring home more groceries. Both models have an * EPA-estimated fuel efficiency of 9.8 l/100km on city streets and 6.9 l/100km on the highway, unless of course opting for the sportier engines.

The Plug-In and Hybrid options are obviously geared more towards the environmentally conscious drivers out there. If you’re trying to go as green as possible, then these two 2015 Honda Accord models are for you. The fuel economy of these two vehicles are astronomical and hard to believe, but its true and we hope to see plenty of these planet-saving cars on the road as soon as possible. The Plug-In option, which utilizes both a conventional gas-powered engine as well as an electrically charged engine you can plug into an outlet, has a l/100km equivalent of 2 and even when you switch over to gasoline it still has a combined fuel efficiency of 5.1 l/100km. The Hybrid on the other hand pumps out an absolutely astounding 4.7 l/100km on city streets and 5.2 l/100km on the highway, making it one of the most fuel efficient vehicles we’ve ever seen.

Get the 2015 Honda Accord in Edmonton AB

No matter which model sounds right for you, you’re going to feel safe and confident in your brand new 2015 Honda Accord. They should be arriving on our lot any time now, so give us a call with any questions and we’ll let you know when you might be able to get behind the wheel for a test drive.


* 9.8 l/100km, 6.9 l/100km, 2 l/100km equivalent, 5.1 l/100km, 4.7 l/100km, 5.2 l/100km fuel economy. Based on 2015 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.


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