2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan Edmonton AB

It’s possible that we’re beginning to sound like a broken record after the amount of times we’ve mentioned that the Honda Civic is both one of the longest-running vehicles on the market and one of the most diverse in terms of amount of models. The Civic has been Canada’s best-selling car for 17 years in a row, and having a wide array of options might just be something that led to that. We’re going to take a look at another one of the options we offer, the 2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan in Edmonton AB.

This model is intended to be a much sportier version of the compact Honda car, hence the attachment of the Si nameplate, which we know to mean sport injected. To call the exterior appearance of the Civic Si Sedan sport injected would almost be an understatement. The glossier look of the paint choices give an immediate sporty presence, as does the sharper lines and edges of the entire body, all the way back to the rear fin that always makes a sporty statement.

Sport-injected Performance of the Honda Civic Si

2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe

The 2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan isn’t trying to compete with vehicles like the Corvette or Camaro. It’s not a high-performance vehicle, but rather, as the name suggests, simply having a bit of sportiness injected into it. So while you won’t see a massive V8 engine with obscene horsepower, you will see a substantial boost over the standard Civic Sedan that will certainly sate the appetite of anyone looking for a little more speed. Beneath the hood rests a 2.4L 4-cylinder that pumps out 205 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque, more than enough to get the job done.

But aside from simply having a more powerful engine than the standard Civic Sedan, it also adds other sporty performance features like a 6-speed manual transmission, helical limited slip differential and sport tuned front and multi-link rear suspension systems. All of these things add together to create a satisfying drive for the sport-enthusiast.


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