2015 Honda CRZ Edmonton AB

2015 Honda CRZ Edmonton AB

Since hybrid vehicles were first introduced to the market, automotive engineers and manufacturers have been trying to find a way to create a hybrid sports car. There would be no better accomplishment than a vehicle that sounds and performs like a Chevy Corvette with the fuel efficiency of a Toyota Prius. To this day, the closest the mass-market industry has come in our opinion is a little vehicle that was dubbed the “sport hybrid coupe.” As of a few days ago we can finally say we offer the 2015 Honda CRZ in Edmonton AB.

While the Honda CRZ hasn’t received quite as much attention or become quite as popular as we think it should be, the future of the vehicle is looking brighter every day. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, the 2015 Honda CRZ certainly looks like a sports car. Its sleek design, including a slick front grille, 17” aluminum-alloy wheels, and dynamic LED brake lights, certainly present a sporty aesthetic. But what about the performance and efficiency?

Performance Specs and Fuel Economy

2015 Honda CRZ Edmonton AB

Obviously being one of the first sport hybrid vehicles on the market, the two most important aspects are the power ratings and fuel efficiency numbers. One of the reasons that the CRZ hasn’t become as popular as Honda intended is perhaps because the power ratings aren’t mind blowing. But even without being out of this world, the CRZ still delivers an enjoyable 130 horsepower. Good news for anyone who like the appearance of the CRZ but is a little disappointed in the power ratings: rumor has it, the next-gen CRZ will be receiving the extremely impressive European Civic Type-R’s engine.

But what is impressive about the 2015 Honda CRZ, is that it pairs its decent power with incredible fuel efficiency. When the CRZ is equipped with the continuously variable transmission system, it achieved 6.6 l/100km through city streets and an astounding 6 l/100km highway fuel economy. If you’re interested in the sport hybrid coupe, we finally have it available at Wheaton Honda so simply give us a call!


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