2015 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Honda Pilot

2015 Honda Odyssey 2016 Honda Pilot
10.4 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 10.6 l/100km
248 HP Horsepower 280 HP
38.4 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 18.5 cu. ft.
7 Passenger Capacity 7

2015 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Honda Pilot

2015 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Honda Pilot

With the Honda Pilot entering a new generation and becoming much more like the rest of the crossovers on the market, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a closer look at some of the differences between crossovers and minivans, by comparing the 2015 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Honda Pilot. With minivans declining in popularity, crossovers are being designed in a way to meet the needs that minivans meet while making a more visually appealing and technological vehicle. That’s not to say the Honda Odyssey isn’t still a great option, it is after all the safest minivan on the road according to the NHTSA crash safety tests. Rather, if you’re one of the car shoppers who likes what minivans can accomplish but don’t like the way the look, then perhaps a full-size crossover like the Honda Pilot would be a better fit for you.

Differences between the 2015 Honda Odyssey, 2016 Honda Pilot

So let’s take a look at it specifically from a specifications standpoint, starting from the top of the table above. In terms of combined fuel efficiency, the vehicles are fairly comparable. The Odyssey has a slight advantage, but not enough to make a huge difference. However when you look at power, the Honda Pilot has a decent leg up in the way of 32 horsepower. It’s not a huge advantage but noticeable enough to offer a more enjoyable driving experience than the Odyssey.

Where the 2015 Honda Odyssey has a huge advantage over the 2016 Pilot, and this likely goes the same for may minivan-to-crossover comparisons, is in terms of regular cargo capacity. The Honda Odyssey has a dedicated cargo area that can hold just under 40 cubic feet of your cargo, while the Pilot can only hold just under 20 cu. ft.. Essentially, the Odyssey can hold roughly double the amount of cargo than the Pilot. If you have any further questions about the differences between the two models, feel free to give the Wheaton Honda sales team a call and we’d be happy to answer them for you!


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