2015 Honda Pilot vs 2015 Mazda CX9

2015 Honda Pilot 2015 Mazda CX9
8 Seating 7
153.7 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 139.4 l/100km
13.8 l/100km City Fuel Economy 14.2 l/100km
9.7 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 10.0 l/100km

2015 Honda Pilot vs 2015 Mazda CX9

The midsize crossover segment is quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicle classes on the market. They offer all the capability of an SUV inside of a much sleeker package. Vehicles like the Honda Pilot can hold just as many people as a minivan, or it can drop its seats to create a massive amount of cargo space. They truly are versatile in utility, and that’s exactly what the 2015 Honda Pilot brings to the table. To show you some of the advantages that this great midsize crossover has over the competition, we took a closer look at the 2015 Honda Pilot vs 2015 Mazda CX9.

Specification advantages of the 2015 Honda Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot vs 2015 Mazda CX9

A common myth about the crossover segment is that it has significantly better fuel economy. While that’s not the case, vehicles like the Honda Pilot and Mazda CX9 still run more efficiently than a lot of large vehicles, and the Pilot just barely takes the cake over the CX9. What crossovers really do have going for them is the amount of space in which their passengers can feel comfortable. Not only can the hold an entire growing family, but each passenger has enough space to spread out and stay comfy. The Honda Pilot specifically has a whole extra seat, and just over 14 cubic feet more room for their passengers to stretch.

Crossovers are a great alternative to minivans for growing families. While we personally love the Honda Odyssey, a lot of people still don’t like the idea of driving a minivan. A crossover vehicle like the Honda Pilot offers all the space and amenities of a minivan, but in a much better, hipper looking design. One look at a Honda Pilot, other drivers might not even realize you have 8 people sitting comfortably throughout the vehicle. And when it’s not people you’re moving, the seats all fold flat to create an enormous area for cargo. Just don’t tell your friends, or you’ll be their first call when it comes time to move.



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