2015 Scion FRS vs 2015 Mazda MX5

2015 Scion FRS 2015 Mazda MX5
200 HP Horsepower 167 HP
10.9 l/100km City Fuel Economy 11.1 l/100km
7.9 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 8.4 l/100km
6.9 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 5.3 cu. ft.

2015 Scion FRS vs 2015 Mazda MX5

2015 Scion FRS vs 2015 Mazda MX5

The 2015 Scion FRS is about as sports car as it gets. It looks flashy, it has plenty of sporty design cues and features, and it has plenty of performance features to give you a jolt of power and appease your need for speed. Of course, we aren’t afraid to admit that the FRS isn’t exactly a pony car like the 2015 Chevy Camaro. It’s in a sports car class of its own a little ways under the ultra-popular pony cars, but they have great fuel efficiency and a big dose of power that, while it might not be as much as its pony counterparts, delivers a very exciting driving experience. We wanted to compare our sports car against one of a similar level, and so we give you the 2015 Scion FRS vs 2015 Mazda MX5.

Efficiency and Power of the 2015 Scion FRS

As you can see from the above table, the Scion FRS has quite a few advantages over its convertible opposition. The FRS might not have the ability to drop its top for the maximum wind-through-hair experience, but it does have windows and 33 more horsepower that will generate plenty of hair-quivering moments behind the wheel of your FRS. 167 horses is plenty of power for the average car, but this is the sports car segment, and 200 horses just bumps it up to that necessary next level for the classification. Plus, you would think that having more power would make the car less efficient, but in fact the Scion FRS is, while not by a lot, more fuel efficient than the Mazda MX5 by enough to save a good chunk of change at the gas station.

Lastly, while neither vehicle has a very big trunk, the Scion sports car would definitely make a smarter choice if you know you’ll be carting things around or have aspirations of putting in your own sound system. It has a little over a cubic foot and a half more space in its little trunk than the MX5 does, giving it one final leg up. If you’re interested in picking up this great sports car for yourself, browse around the rest of the site, schedule a test drive and don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions.


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