2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 Chevy Spark

2015 Scion iQ 2015 Chevy Spark
6.5 l/100km City Fuel Efficiency 7.6 l/100km
94 HP Horsepower 84 HP
3.5 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 11.4 cu. ft.
77.3 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 97.7 cu. ft.

2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 Chevy Spark

2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 Chevy Spark

The Scion iQ and Chevy Spark are known globally as city cars, but we generally just call them subcompacts. They are different than most other subcompact cars however, so we thought it might be wise to start adapting the city car name. City cars are essentially just really small cars, literally just meant to get you from point a to point b. So if having lots of space or power is important to you you may not be interested in either vehicle, but if those things don’t matter then either car would be a great choice! We decided to compare the 2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 Chevy Spark to show you the differences between the two.

Differences between 2016 Scion iQ, Chevy Spark

Being city cars obviously makes both the Scion iQ and Chevy Spark extremely similar vehicles, but they each have their own individual advantages. Just because power or space aren’t the most important thing to city car buyers, doesn’t mean that having more of one isn’t a nice bonus. On one hand, the 2015 Scion iQ has a pretty big boost in city fuel efficiency, which is important considering you wouldn’t often take city cars on the highway, and a 10-horsepower advantage in power.

But on the other hand, the 2015 Chevy Spark has more space than most city cars, the 2015 Scion iQ included. Inside its hatchback is an 11.4-cubic-foot cargo hold, offering nearly 8-extra cu. ft. of space for any stuff you might need to bring with you. As for the cabin, the Spark has an extra 20.4 cu. ft. of space for your passengers to stretch out and get comfortable in, which is always a plus. The choice really comes down to which you prefer, and you can schedule a test drive right here on our website no matter which vehicle you choose.


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