2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 smart fortwo

2015 Scion iQ 2015 smart fortwo
94 HP Horsepower 70 HP
5.1 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 5.3 l/100km
16.7 cu. ft. Maximum Cargo Capacity 12.0 cu. ft.
73.8 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 45.4 cu. ft.

2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 smart fortwo

2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 smart fortwo

As we’ve mentioned before, the 2015 Scion iQ is a strange little vehicle. It might not be for everybody, but we love it’s innovative style and uniqueness. There’s one car that pretty much runs the segment that it fits into, and that would be ever-popular smart car. We wanted to take a look at our little iQ in comparison to the equally innovative smart car closest to it with our page comparing the 2015 Scion iQ vs 2015 smart fortwo. One of the early advantages that Toyota on the Trail’s version has over the smart car is that while your biggest friends might not be comfortable back there, the Scion iQ does have a 2-person back seat while the iQ doesn’t. This translates to the smart car having a larger dedicated cargo area, so it’s a horse a piece with your preference.

Scion iQ Advantages in Specs

But the advantages surprisingly don’t stop there. Perhaps the smart car is more well known than the Scion iQ simply because it’s been around much longer, because the Scion has tons of advantages over the smart fortwo. While the fortwo has a bigger dedicated cargo space due to the iQ’s back seat, with that seat folded down the iQ has nearly 5 cubic feet more maximum cargo capacity. The cabin is much bigger as well, offering passengers nearly 30 cu. ft. more space to stretch out their limbs.

But once again, the advantages don’t stop at size. The 2015 Scion iQ also edges out the smaller smart car in terms of power and fuel efficiency as well. While the fuel efficiency advantage would be barely noticeable, it would save you a few cents at the gas pump that would eventually add up to good savings. The iQ does however have a 20-horsepower advantage over the fortwo, and while that certainly doesn’t create bloodcurdling excitement it will give you a more enjoyable driving experience. If you’re interested in picking up the superior city car, be sure to schedule a test driver or give the Toyota on the Trail sales team a call.


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