2015 Scion tC Edmonton AB

2015 Scion tC Edmonton AB

The excitement surrounding the arrival of the Scion brand at Toyota on the Trail continues with another great model being made available through the dealership. While not quite as powerful as the Scion FRS, the 2015 Scion tC in Edmonton AB offers drivers a fun-to-drive, sporty experience behind the wheel at a more affordable price. The perfect combination for any young, Generation-Y driver.

While there were many rumors that the tC stood for “Toyota Celica,” with many enthusiasts believing, or at the very least hoping, that the Scion tC would be the successor of the iconic Toyota model, it actually stands simply for Touring Coupe. As for that performance we mentioned, the tC has a 2.5L engine with 179 horsepower and 172 lb-ft of torque. As stated, not quite as powerful as the FRS, but still offering a sporty driving experience. The fuel economy is not that far off however, with 10.2 l/100km through the city and 7.6 on the highway.

Appealing to Generation-Y

2015 Scion tC Edmonton AB

Scion was created to appeal to the Generation-Y driver. The 2015 Scion tC may not have as much power, but the lower price tag is obviously appealing to those young drivers who might not be able to afford the more expensive of the two. But there are other features that will appeal to these young drivers as well, like panoramic moonroof nearly taking up the entirety of the tC’s roof. With front power tilt and slide abilities, drivers can enjoy a gentle breeze or the entire night sky while driving the tC. The sporty bucket-style front seats will obviously appease drivers as well.

Plus, we all know how important music is to young people. An 8-speaker Bose BeSpoke audio system will deliver premium sound and sate any young driver’s thirst for great music. A mid-range speaker, tweeter, subwoofers in each door and two full-range speakers in the back combine to create a surround sound music experience. With steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, drivers can skip tracks or radio stations to keep their focus on the road while finding the right song for them.

Get the 2015 Scion tC in Edmonton AB

The 2015 Scion tC has already arrived at the Toyota on the Trail lot, making it one of the first Scion models to be sold new at Drive Wheaton. You can claim yours today by scheduling a test drive and coming in to check it out, or if you have any further questions about this incredible new model, feel free to give the Toyota on the Trail sales team a call and we’ll get them sorted out for you. We can’t wait to make you one of the first official Scion purchasers at Toyota on the Trail.


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