2015 Toyota 4Runner Edmonton AB

The new crossover utility vehicles not quite enough for you? Don’t worry, Toyota still has you covered. The 2015 Toyota 4Runner in Edmonton AB is a mid-size sport utility vehicle; a good old SUV that just happens to be celebrating its 30th anniversary this model year, not a crossover. That means it has a lot more space and a lot more capabilities than its sibling crossover vehicles. Not to mention the fact that the 4Runner was practically built for the off-road.

And with that in mind, Toyota outfitted the 4Runner to survive. With both Hill and Downhill Assist Control, you can feel confident that you’ll avoid rolling backward or accelerating too fast when you’re on steep slopes. An underbody armour system of skid plates will protect vital pieces of your car like the engine and fuel tank from different conditions like mud or rocks. Ventilated disc brakes make sure to keep your braking system cooled down so everything stays in working order even when returning home from exploring a huge summit. As if these features weren’t enough, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner comes with a full-size spare tire just in case the unfortunate happens while you’re out traveling through nature in the middle of nowhere.

Versatile Utility in the 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Whether you’re simply bring home purchases from the store, or gearing up for an off-road trek, you’re going to want plenty of space and accessibility in your sport utility vehicle. This is precisely what the 2015 Toyota 4Runner offers. Starting at the back of the vehicle, the liftgate has a certain feature that is the only kind in its class. The rear glass window, that in some SUVs pops open for easy access, is actually a power window just like in your doors. You can roll it down with the press of a button, making access even easier than before. Furthermore, once you open the liftgate your cargo area has a sliding decks. You can put up to 440 lbs of cargo on the deck and easily load or unload the vehicle by simply pulling out the deck.

As for cargo capacity, there are several different options available to you. If you purchase a basic 2015 Toyota 4Runner, meaning two rows of seats and no sliding cargo deck, then you have 47.2 cu. ft. of space to play with behind the back row. This space opens up even further thanks to the fold-flat second-row seat, which has a 40/20/40 split to accommodate exactly how much space you need. By folding the seat completely flat you get up to 89.7 cu. ft. of space. If you opt for the convenient sliding cargo deck mentioned earlier then your space drops, but only by a little as you’ll then get 46.3 cu. ft. behind the back seat or 88.8 cu. ft. with the second row folded. But lastly, if you occasionally plan to have a lot of passengers, then you can opt for the third row seat which enables your 4Runner to fit up to seven passengers, but means that with all rows filled you’ll only have 9 cu. ft. of space to play with.

Get the 2015 Toyota 4Runner in Edmonton AB

Driving any vehicle, one of your main concerns should be safety, but especially in a vehicle that you’ll likely be traversing dangerous terrain in. But don’t worry, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner has tons of great features to assist you. A backup camera can show you what’s behind you while in reverse, plus front and rear sonar sensors will alert you if obstacles are in your way no matter which direction you’re driving. Plus on the inside, you’ll have eight standard airbags and side-impact door beams just in case something were to go wrong.

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner is an incredible vehicle with tons of great specifications and features that make it the perfect sport utility vehicle for any type of driver, but especially for those of you who plan on doing extensive off-roading. Our sales team can answer any further questions that you might have about the


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