2015 Toyota Prius Edmonton AB

The Prius is heralded as probably the first real, mainstream Hybrid vehicle. It’s known for it’s green footprint and incredible fuel efficiency, but that doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice in appearance. For fourteen years its been a leader in the green movement, saving the environment while also saving their pockets. And not just at the gas tank, 95% of Toyota Prius vehicles purchased in the past ten years are actually still out there on the road, meaning it’ll save you money in that you won’t have to buy a replacement car nearly as soon as you would with other vehicles. Those are just a couple of the reasons we’re so excited for the 2015 Toyota Prius in Edmonton AB.

The Prius is also known for leading technological advances through the years, coming up with brand new, incredible features that eventually become industry standards. This year, they’ve done it again. The 2015 Toyota Prius has a solar roof, which means parking in the open sunlight no longer means you’ll be climbing into a toasty oven-like cabin when you get off work eight hours later. The roof has built-in solar panels that power a fan in order to keep air flow in the cabin up and the temperature roughly similar to the outside. Your key fob then comes with a button for the remote air condition system, allowing you to turn it on from 30 yards away and let it run for three minutes.

Efficiency in the 2015 Toyota Prius Family

2015 Toyota Prius Edmonton AB

There are actually for different versions of the 2015 Toyota Prius, each with its own niche. There’s the regular old Prius, the one that started everything, and is simply designed for the regular everyday driver. Then there is the 2015 Toyota Prius c, which is perfect for the city-based driver. With slightly advanced city fuel efficiency, and a sportier, more compact look, the c is perfect for young driver’s living in the big city. Next is the 2015 Toyota Prius v, which is just about the exact opposite of the c. The v is slightly bigger, with more room for your passengers as well as a larger cargo capacity. It’s geared more towards the small family drivers. And lastly, for the truly environmentally conscious, there is the electronic option, the 2015 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid which you can plug right into an outlet and charge for even better efficiency.

So each one has its own advantages and niche markets to fill, but the one big thing they have in common is incredible fuel efficiency. From the Hybrid Synergy Drive engine to the EV, ECO and POWER drive modes, this vehicle is environmentally conscious no matter which model you choose. But what kind of efficiency does each version have? For starters, the regular old 2015 Toyota Prius has an extremely impressive 4.6 l/100km in the city, and 4.9 l/100km on the highway. The 2015 Toyota Prius c runs at 4.4 l/km in the city, and 5.1 l/100km on the highways. The 2015 Toyota Prius v sacrifices a little bit in order to accommodate that larger size, but still runs on a great 5.3 l/100km city, 5.9 highway. And lastly, the always impressive Plug-in version of the 2015 Toyota Prius, pumps out an equivalent of 2.5 l/100km when in EV mode, and a still-impressive 4.7 l/100km on gas.

Get the 2015 Toyota Prius in Edmonton AB

The great exterior designed combined with the technology advancements and fuel efficiency discussed here make a truly great hybrid car, but even better is that it has the versatility of a hatchback with a spacious interior and industry-leading safety features. We can’t wait until this beautifully green vehicle hits our lots, and we really want to see you get behind the wheel. So give us a call with any further questions and stay tuned to our blog for updated information on a release date.


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