2015 Toyota Prius v Edmonton AB

2015 Toyota Prius v Edmonton AB

It is a well known fact that Toyota is one of the frontrunning manufacturers in the fuel efficiency game. They created the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in 1997, and it was called the Prius. Today, there are millions of Toyota Priuses on roads around the world, and Toyota offers four different models of the incredible, efficient vehicle. One of those four models is the 2015 Toyota Prius v in Edmonton AB, a model geared towards family drivers.

As is expected in a vehicle with the Prius name attached to it, the 2015 Toyota Prius v has outstanding fuel efficiency. Driving on the highway will yield 5.8 l/100km, and when cruising through the city it manages to achieve an even lower rating with 5.4 l/100km. And the 136-horsepower 4-cylinder engine, while probably not winning any races, offers a fun driving experience for the environmentally conscious. One might think that such an efficient vehicle would warrant sacrifices in terms of appearance, but not in the Prius v. An all-new front end and exterior colour choices make the new Prius v one of the most stunning yet.

Family Friendly Features of the 2015 Toyota Prius v

2015 Toyota Prius v Edmonton AB

One of the main differences within the 2015 Toyota Prius v in comparison to the other three models is that its cabin is just a tad bigger, creating more space in order to allow a more comfortable experience for your family. Even though it is just a car, it has space on par with a small crossover. The rear seats split 60/40 and fold flat to create up to 34.3 cubic feet of space for your cargo when necessary. Plus there are other storage areas throughout the cabin, like the dual glove box system, sideways-opening centre console and under-dash tray.

Comfort is obviously important in a family-friendly vehicle, and the seats certainly add to that. The driver’s seat is power adjustable in 8 different ways, meaning the driver will be able to set their seat to the exact parameters that give them the most comfortable drive. But even your kids sitting in the back can make their ride more comfortable as the rear seats slide and recline at their behest, creating the most comfortable positions for them as well.

If the 2015 Toyota Prius v sounds like the perfect vehicle for your family, go ahead and schedule a test drive right here on our website so that you can take it for a spin to see for yourself. ANy further questions can be directed to the Toyota on the Trail sales team.


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