2015 Toyota Sequoia Edmonton AB

2015 Toyota Sequoia Edmonton AB

With the growing popularity of the crossover market, Toyota has created entrants to many of the different expanding segments. But that doesn’t mean that they have neglected the original Sport Utility Vehicle market, in fact they still have several of those in their lineup as well, including the full-size SUV 2015 Toyota Sequoia in Edmonton AB meant to compete with the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition.

The Sequoia has been around since 2000 and has progressively seen many advancements that make it the powerful sport utility vehicle that it is today. It’s extremely versatile and packs a powerful punch both under the hood, with its 381 horsepower, and in terms of towing capacity, which is a maximum of 7,400 pounds. But what really sets the Sequoia apart is its ability to move people and keep them entertained, for instance with the rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment system that can even have video game systems plugged into.

Versatility of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia

2015 Toyota Sequoia Edmonton AB

That’s right, the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is geared more towards moving people rather than cargo as crossover vehicles like the Toyota Venza are. With the ability to seat up to 8, you will have room for everyone in your family whether taking them on a road trip, or simply taking the kids and their friends to the park. With an extremely spacious cabin, no one will be down each other’s throats like the road trips you see in the movies, but you can watch those movies on the rear-seat entertainment screen.

While there might not be that big of a cargo area behind the rear seat thanks to accommodating a third row for more passengers, the flexibility afforded to you by dropping the second and third rows might be worth it. Those days when you have a lot of stuff to move rather than people, you can drop those rows down with the power fold-flat seats to create 120.1 cubic feet of space. Now that’s cargo capacity.

Get the 2015 Toyota Sequoia in Edmonton AB

If crossovers aren’t your thing but you’re still looking for a utility vehicle, then perhaps the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is for you. Feel free to give us a call with any further questions otherwise you can schedule a test drive right here on our website and we’ll be ready for you when you arrive to Toyota on the Trail.


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