2015 Toyota Sienna vs 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

2015 Toyota Sienna 2015 Chrysler Town and Country
39.1 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 33.0 cu. ft.
150.0 cu. ft. Max Cargo Capacity 143.8 cu. ft.
266 HP Horsepower 283 HP
4,375 lbs. Curb Weight 4,652 lbs.

2015 Toyota Sienna vs 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

2015 Toyota Sienna vs 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

While it might seem like crossover utility vehicles would slowly take away from sport utility vehicles until SUVs all but disappeared, they were actually created to replace the slowly dissipating minivan segment. Don’t get us wrong, we love minivans especially the #SwaggerWagon. But they’ve decreased in popularity enough for the industry to start building a replacement, enter crossovers. We’re still hanging onto minivans, however, as they make great options for growing families who might be carting around multiple people. Plus the loading point is generally a lot lower than utility vehicles. So we decided to show you some of the advantages of the Swagger Wagon by comparing the 2015 Toyota Sienna vs 2015 Chrysler Town and Country.

Advantages of the 2015 Toyota Sienna

As you can tell by looking at the table above, the 2015 Toyota Sienna has its fair share of advantages. Let’s start at the top with cargo capacity. Behind the back row itself the Swagger Wagon has a sizable advantage, offering just over 6 extra cubic feet of space to hold any cargo you might need to bring along with you. This is perfect for a family road trip or maybe for hauling all of the gear for your child’s soccer team. But perhaps your friend needs helping moving into a new apartment and you need even more cargo space, just drop the back rows down and it opens up to 150 cubic feet, just over 6 cu. ft. more than the Town and Country.

But then we run into the first advantage the Chrysler minivan has over the Toyota Sienna: horsepower. However, its 17-horsepower advantage is diminished when you look at the curb weight. The lighter a vehicle is, the less power it needs to do the same job a heavier vehicle does with more power. So the Town and Country might have 17 more horsepower, but the Sienna weights 277 lbs. lighter, essentially eliminating any advantage the Town and Country had.


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