2015 Toyota Tacoma vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

2015 Toyota Tacoma 2015 Chevy Colorado
12.4 l/100km City Fuel Economy 12.4 l/100km
159 HP Horsepower 200 HP
3,725 lbs. Curb Weight 3,960 lbs.
3,400 lbs. Max Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs.

2015 Toyota Tacoma vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

2015 Toyota Tacoma vs 2015 Chevy Colorado

The midsize truck segment was a fledgling classification after several brands began pulling out their models. The death of the Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota and even the Chevy Colorado left the plain wide open for the Toyota Tacoma to swoop in and build its presence even more. It has steadily sat atop the segment with only a couple of competitors to take on, but 2015 saw the return of the Chevy Colorado in force, breathing life into the segment and finally giving the Tacoma some real competition. Considering we carry both models, we thought we’d take a look at the two models in comparison, pitting the 2015 Toyota Tacoma vs 2015 Chevy Colorado to really see how they stack up against one another.

Differences Between the 2015 Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado

As you can see by the table above, the two vehicles are extremely similar and competitive. At first glance, you might think the Colorado is stomping the Tacoma until you realize that one of those categories is curb weight. When it comes to curb weight, the lower the number is the better, as that means the vehicle weighs less and thus you need less horsepower to achieve the same thing. So even though the Chevy has 41 more horsepower than the Toyota, the Tacoma weighs 235 lbs. less than the Colorado diminishing the power advantage by quite a bit.

Additionally, the two trucks are equals in city fuel efficiency, and a 100-pound difference in towing capacity isn’t that noticeable of an advantage either. So the trucks are actually pretty equal, and both would make great choices. The decision may just come down to cosmetics and features. Each truck has its own suite of standard and available features, and they both obviously have their own exterior and interior appearances. Whichever truck you might be considering, be sure to schedule a test drive right here online or by calling the sales desk at either Wheaton Toyota on the Trail or Don Wheaton!


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