2015 Toyota Venza vs 2015 Dodge Journey

2015 Toyota Venza 2015 Dodge Journey
11.6 l/100km City Fuel Economy 12.7 l/100km
9 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 9.1 l/100km
30.7 cu. ft. Cargo Volume 10.7 cu. ft.
70.3 cu. ft. Max Cargo Volume 67.6 cu. ft.

2015 Toyota Venza vs 2015 Dodge Journey

2015 Toyota Venza vs 2015 Dodge Journey

Just because the midsize 2015 Toyota Venza isn’t going to be built anymore, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look into purchasing one of its final incarnations. Toyota decided to discontinue the model because it’s not quite as popular as the Highlander or other Toyota crossovers and SUVs. But if you aren’t interested in one of those vehicles, the Venza might be the perfect SUV for you! We wanted to show you exactly why we think it’s better than some other crossovers out there on the market, so we compared the 2015 Toyota Venza vs 2015 Dodge Journey.

Advantages of the 2015 Toyota Venza

If you take a look at the table above, there are two main areas where the 2015 Toyota Venza has a leg up on its segment rival the 2015 Dodge Journey: fuel efficiency, and cargo volume. While driving on the highway only yields a tenth of a litre better per 100 kilometres, the Venza needs a little more than a whole litre less per 100 kilometres when cruising through the city streets of Edmonton. Combined, there isn’t a massive advantage, but over time you will be spending a bit less on gasoline by driving the Toyota Venza rather than the Dodge Journey.

The other area that the Venza takes the nod is in terms of cargo volume. While the Dodge Journey might have a bit more passenger volume, with all of the seats in their normal position the Toyota Venza has nearly 3 times as much cargo volume as the Journey, with 20 extra cubic feet of space. Fold those seats flat, and the Venza still has more space, though admittedly not quite as big of a gap with nearly 3 extra cubic feet of space. If you think that this is enough of an advantage to interest you, then browse around for even more information on this great model that won’t be available much longer. Give us a call with any additional questions, or just go ahead and schedule a test drive right here on the site.


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