2015 Toyota Yaris vs 2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Toyota Yaris 2015 Ford Fiesta
15.3 cu. ft. Cargo Volume 14.9 cu. ft.
7.8 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 8.4 l/100km
6.4 l/100km City Fuel Economy 6.5 l/100km
106 HP Horsepower 120 HP

2015 Toyota Yaris vs 2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Toyota Yaris vs 2015 Ford Fiesta

Subcompact vehicles might not get as much of the spotlight as their bigger siblings, for instance the Toyota Camry and Corolla are much more well known than the Toyota Yaris. However, that doesn’t make the segment any less popular as a whole, and Toyota continues to try to take advantage of that by bettering the Toyota Yaris. We decided to take a look at it in comparison with one of the most popular subcompact vehicles on the market to see just how well the newest edition of the Toyota Yaris can hang with the “big” dogs, by researching the 2015 Toyota Yaris vs 2015 Ford Fiesta.

Advantages of the 2015 Toyota Yaris

As it turned out, the 2015 Toyota Yaris has a lot more bite than one might have expected going into the comparison. Once again, the main battle comes down to horsepower or fuel efficiency, but the advantages are so minute in this battle that it is hardly even a contest. On the one hand you have the Ford Fiesta with 120 horsepower, but that’s only 16 HP more than the Yaris. Then on the other hand, the Yaris has better fuel efficiency, saving you a bit of change at the gas tank. But it only uses 0.6 litres per 100 kilometres less on the highway, and a whopping 0.1 l/100km less through city streets.

So the advantages are there, they just aren’t as substantial as they are usually. The only other advantage the Yaris has is a slightly bigger cargo capacity, but again it only has an extra 0.4 cubic feet to hold more of your stuff in than the Fiesta, so the advantage isn’t huge. But we think, no matter how little the advantages are, the 2015 Toyota Yaris is the much better choice. If you think you might agree, give us a call with any questions or just go ahead and schedule a test drive right here on the website.


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