2016 Chevy City Express Edmonton AB

2016 Chevy City Express Edmonton AB

If you’ve got a job to do that might not call for a regular, everyday vehicle, then you may want to look into something like the 2016 Chevy City Express in Edmonton AB. It may not be as powerful as a truck, but it has plenty of space and capabilities to get a variety of odd jobs done. Are you a plumber? A handyman? Anything of the sort? Then this van, which has a completely customizable cargo area, is the perfect vehicle for you. Don’t think those are the only types of jobs it’s capable of, either. The list goes on and on, from delivering cupcakes to being the perfect undercover vehicle for world renowned spy Bond… James Bond.

We might have exaggerated a little bit about that last part, but the truck speaks for itself thanks to some pretty incredible specifications, and a heavy dose of versatility.

Versatile Space in the 2016 Chevy City Express

2016 Chevy City Express Edmonton AB

As we stated, the entire interior of the Chevy City Express is customizable. With 122.7 cubic feet of space to fill with whatever accessories you deem necessary from an enormous list to choose from, you can accomplish whatever it is that you do much easier than before. With features like 40/60-splitting doors that can open up to 180 degrees, a passenger seat that folds down creating the perfect desk and the ability to upfit your cargo area for any type of job, this vehicle makes the ultimate work van.

On top of everything, it was just redesigned for the 2015 model year, which means everything is still quite new and fresh. The exterior might not be as stunning as, say, the all-new Camaro, but it certainly looks professional and will bring an air of confidence to any business operating out of the back. If you’re interested in checking out this great commercial vehicle for yourself, just give us a call or set up a test drive right here on our website.


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