2016 Chevy Sonic Edmonton AB

2016 Chevy Sonic Edmonton AB

The Chevy Sonic is without a doubt one of the lesser known vehicles on the lineup. For several years it was known as the Chevy Aveo, but when the vehicle entered its second generation in 2011, it was renamed as the Chevy Sonic. Now several years later, the 2016 Chevy Sonic in Edmonton AB is only increasing in popularity within the subcompact hatchback segment. While it can’t yet compete with names like the Honda Fit, we’re very hopeful of its future and it all starts with some of this year’s new features.

2016 Chevy Sonic Edmonton AB

They might not sound like much, but two changes in particular will certainly boost the popularity of the small hatchback. An automatic transmission has now been made standard on certain trim levels, as has Chevy MyLink. This means that these two important features will now come right away with the vehicle for no extra cost at certain lower trim levels. Exciting! The car also received three great new exterior colors.

Power and Efficiency in the 2016 Chevy Sonic

But the power is what makes the little guy truly inspiring. Of course it’s not going to compete with the thrilling rides of a Camaro or any sports car like that, but this little hot-hatch can deliver 138 horsepower. Which doesn’t sound like much, but taking into account its very lower curb weight of 2,733 lbs. it becomes pretty impressive.

And as for efficiency, its equally as impressive. It might not get much through the city at only 9.4 l/100km, but its 6.7 l/100km highway efficiency could certainly turn heads. And of course, if you opt for the turbocharged engine with manual transmission, your efficiency improves to 8.1 l/100km city and 5.9 l/100km highway which can compete with some hybrid vehicles! Be sure to try one out for yourself by scheduling a test drive right here on our website today and sliding behind the wheel!


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