2016 Honda HRV vs 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman

2016 Honda HRV 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman
5 Seating 4
24.3 cu. ft. Cargo Volume 11.7 cu. ft.
58.8 cu. ft. Max Cargo Volume 38.1 cu. ft.
7.6 l/100km Combined Fuel Economy 7.8 l/100km

2016 Honda HRV vs 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman

2016 Honda HRV vs 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman

Of the limited number of compact crossover utility vehicles on the market, the Mini Cooper Paceman is probably one the least known and owned. But it’s iconic look and brilliant style makes it a fairly popular choice among drivers. We obviously think the brand-new 2016 Honda HRV is just as stunning, if not more so, with it’s sleek lines and design cues. But we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to show you just a few of the other reasons that make the HRV the more practical choice between the two, so take a look at the 2016 Honda HRV vs 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman.

2016 Honda HRV Superior Compact Crossover

The one area the Mini Cooper Paceman stays on point is in terms of fuel economy, having the same combined fuel efficiency rating as many of the other compact crossovers throughout the segment. But with that in mind, the Honda HRV will be able to save you a bit of change at the gas station throughout the year. Another big advantage to the HRV is passenger space. While there is no specific passenger volume rating available on the Mini Cooper Paceman, it only has 4 seats so the cabin is certainly smaller. You may not fill that 5th seat very often, but it’s nice to have and enables more space when it isn’t in use.

The other big advantage is in terms of cargo capacity. Just in the dedicated cargo area behind the back seat, the 2016 Honda HRV trumps the Mini Cooper Paceman by more than doubling its volume at 12.6 more cubic feet. Drop the back row down and both vehicles open up to hold much more, but still the HRV takes a big advantage in the way of 20.7 cu. ft. more space. If you want to be able to hold cargo in your vehicle then the HRV is the right choice for you.


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