2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Toyota Highlander
10.2 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 10.2 l/100km
280 HP Horsepower 270 HP
18.5 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 13.8 cu. ft.
3,500 lbs. Towing Capacity 5,000 lbs.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

We just happen to offer two of the most popular midsize crossovers on the market right here at Drive Wheaton, from Honda and Toyota respectively. They’ve been competing with one another since the Pilot was introduced in 2003, just two years after the Highlander’s debut. We wanted to take a look at the two latest versions of the crossovers side by side to see the advantages of each vehicle and help you make a more informed decision if you’re trying to decide which to go with, so we compared the 2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander.

Differences between the 2016 Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander

As you can see by taking a look at the table above, both crossovers are extremely similar and very comparable to one another. Starting with the first specification that we took a look at, combined fuel efficiency is identical in the two vehicles. 10 horsepower might give a slight edge, but it wouldn’t be extremely noticeable between the two vehicles. Where the noticeable differences come into play is in terms of capacities.

First of all, the 2016 Honda Pilot can accommodate an extra 4.7 cubic feet of cargo in its area behind the rear seat. That’s a pretty sizeable advantage for anyone planning on taking road trips or vacations, considering you’ll need all that space for luggage. But the 2016 Toyota Highlander fires back with an advantage of its own, in the form of being able to tow an additional 1,500 lbs. if the need arises. Towing might not be as important in a crossover as it is in a truck, but it’s still nice to know that you have the ability, and being able to carry more is certainly an advantage.

If you have any further questions about either crossover you can call their respective dealership sales teams. If you are already considering one of these as your next vehicle, then be sure to schedule a test drive right here on our website and we’ll get you behind the wheel as soon as we can!


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