2016 Scion iM vs 2015 Mazda3

2016 Scion iM 2015 Mazda3
1.8L 4-cylinder Engine Type 2.0L 4-cylinder
137 HP Horsepower 155 HP
CVTi-S Transmission 6-speed Automatic
5/5 Doors/Seats 4/5

2016 Scion iM vs 2015 Mazda3

2016 Scion iM vs 2015 Mazda3

If there’s one thing we know about the Scion brand, it’s that they’re good at making small vehicles. They haven’t journeyed very far out of the comfort zone in terms of size, with a majority of their lineup consisting of subcompact vehicles and their biggest having only taken one step up to compact. With the 2016 model year comes their newest venture, another brand-new hatchback vehicle in the compact segment. We wanted to pit it against a few of its closest rivals, and the next on the list was taking a closer look at the 2016 Scion iM vs 2015 Mazda3.

Advantages of the 2016 Scion iM

Both vehicles are very similar, although the first striking different from the table above is the fact that the the Mazda3 isn’t a hatchback vehicle. With only 4 doors and a trunk, it won’t be able to carry nearly as much luggage as the Scion iM. However, the iM does have a disadvantage in terms of power with a slight smaller engine that delivers 18 less horsepower. However, the Scion iM does have a superior transmission system, with the all-new CVTi-S. It’s a sport-tuned Continuously Variable Transmission that enhances the driving experience, offering sportier handling and even more enjoyment.

The 2016 Scion iM is set to release sometime later this year, and we cannot wait for it’s arrival. If you’d like to be one of the first people to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin here in Edmonton, be sure to give our sales team a call to initiate scheduling an early test drive. We’ll keep you posted with news about the new vehicle as it becomes available, and let you know more about a specific release date as soon as we find out.


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