2016 Toyota Prius c Edmonton AB

2016 Toyota Prius c Edmonton AB

The Toyota Prius was the very first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, and since its introduction Toyota has been growing its hybrid presence by expanding the amount of hybrid vehicles it offers, going through nearly a dozen over the past decade. While some of those might just be regular Toyota vehicles with a hybrid drivetrain and the word Hybrid attached, Toyota has also expanded its Prius lineup to more than just the standard model, one of which happens to be the city-oriented 2016 Toyota Prius c in Edmonton AB.

Specs & Features of the 2016 Toyota Prius c

2016 Toyota Prius c Edmonton AB

The Prius c has always been the sporty entry to the hybrid Prius family, and while the completely redesigned Prius may give the c a run for its money in that department, the Prius c still offers a stylish exterior and extremely efficient driving through the city. In fact, its 1.5L inline 5-cylinder gas engine and high torque electric motor combination achieves an astounding 4.7 l/100km combined fuel economy, while still managing to deliver 99 horsepower.

99 horsepower might sound dreadful if you’re used to researching sports cars or trucks, as you’re more likely used to hearing something in the 2- or 3-hundreds. But the 2016 Toyota Prius c only weighs 2,500 pounds total, which means it needs a lot less power to get you up and moving. We’re not saying you’re going to win any races behind the wheel of a Prius c, but you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have an enjoyable, efficient experience in the driver’s seat.

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