2016 Toyota Tacoma Sherwood Park AB

2016 Toyota Tacoma Sherwood Park AB

It seems as though the 2015 model year just kicked off, but the first 2015 models already began to trickle out several months ago. Now, the first of the new 2016 model year have begun to trickle out, starting with those vehicles that will be entering new generations. One of the most anticipated reveals was of course Toyota’s famous little truck, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma near Sherwood Park AB. When it finally was revealed at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the buzz only go greater surrounding the beautiful new truck.

While not too many specifications have been revealed yet, we got a first look at the stunning new truck and were given insight into some of the exciting new features that would be making it into the future production model. One of the most exciting things about the new truck is that the frame would now be built with a high strength steel in order to enhance both the strength and rigidness of the truck, and then an ultra-high strength steel was utilized to build the shell of the body in order to reduce the weight of the truck.

Exciting features of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma Sherwood Park AB

A host of new features are already confirmed to be coming to the all-new, next-generation 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Qi wireless charging will allow drivers and passengers alike to charge their mobile devices, smart key with push-button start eliminates the need to fumble around looking for your keys, dual-zone automatic climate control makes sure that everyone in the truck is comfortable even if their needs differ, and even the touchscreen display audio screen will be enhanced.

Many more features are sure to be announced and we’ll keep you updated as the information is released, especially in regards to the specifications like power and cargo facts. Plus we know that more premium safety features will be making their way into the all-new truck with Toyota’s continued dedication to keeping the streets safe for everyone. Feel free to contact the Toyota on the Trail sales team if you’re interested in receiving more information.


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