2017 Honda Ridgeline vs 2016 Nissan Frontier

2017 Honda Ridgeline 2016 Nissan Frontier
3.5L V6 Standard Engine 2.5L 4-cylinder
6-speed automatic Standard Transmission 5-speed automatic
48 in. Flat Bed Space N/A
~1,600 lbs. Max Payload 925 lbs.

2017 Honda Ridgeline vs 2016 Nissan Frontier

2017 Honda Ridgeline vs 2016 Nissan Frontier

Back when the Ridgeline was originally introduced, for the 2006 model year, it made waves throughout the market. It presented something different, something new for those shoppers out there looking for a stylish small truck that didn’t force them to sacrifice any capability. It had all sorts of first-time evers and was even impressive enough to be named Motor Trend Truck of the Year.

Now, after a three-year hiatus, it is scheduled to return to the lineup even better than before, and no doubt introduce even more great features. We thought we’d get a jump on comparing the upcoming truck against one of its competitors, so we took a closer look at the 2017 Honda Ridgeline vs 2016 Nissan Frontier.

Advantages of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Obviously the next-generation Ridgeline is still a ways off, so we haven’t exactly gotten an in-depth look at its specifications just yet. But we scrounged up enough details about it to take a closer look at how we think it will measure up against competition like the Nissan Frontier. As you can see by looking at that data in the table above, we think it not only measures up but will far surpass the current Nissan Frontier.

Starting with the details we already know, the Ridgeline will have a superior standard engine, not only a liter bigger but with 2 extra cylinders as well. On top of that, while both trucks offer standard automatic transmissions, the Ridgeline’s will have an extra speed to make shifting a little smoother.

But where the big advantages come into play for the Ridgeline are in terms of cargo. We don’t know an exact max payload, but Honda has said it will approach 1,600 lbs, which even if they’re exaggerating by 100 lbs. would still be 575 lbs. more than the Frontier. Furthermore, while we don’t know the flat bed space for the Frontier, we know that the Ridgeline will have the widest in the segment at 48 in., which is a pretty big deal.

If you’re interested in a Honda Ridgeline of your own, be sure to stay tuned to WheatonHonda.com where we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information about the truck and its eventual Canadian release date.


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