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Honda Accord

Honda Civic

Honda Crosstour

One of the safest, most popular cars in North America, the Honda Accord offers tons of different fuel efficient models for all types of drivers. Looking for an incredibly fuel efficient vehicle with plenty of customization options? The Honda Civic is for you.  The Honda Crosstour is one of the smallest crossover vehicles available, and it definitely gets the best of both worlds.
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2015 Honda Civic
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2015 Honda Crosstour
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Honda CRV

Honda CRZ

Honda Fit

One of the oldest crossovers on the market, freshly redesigned. The best-selling crossover of the past decade, you're going to love sitting in the driver's seat of the Honda CRV. The 2015 Honda CRZ is the original sport hybrid coupe, and it’s finally available at Drive Wheaton. The 2015 Honda Fit is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road, and especially in the Honda lineup.
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2015 Honda Fit
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Honda HRV

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Honda Pilot

The HRV is a brand new entry-level crossover utility vehicle coming in the 2016 model year. It offers a completely new type of vehicle to Honda customers. The minivan is back, with a sharper look and more practicality than other competitors. If you have a young family, you want the Honda Odyssey. The Honda Pilot is the perfect vehicle to move all of your stuff, and all of your people, at the same time. Fits up to 7 passengers and/or up to 87 cubic feet of cargo.
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  2014 Honda Ridgeline Edmonton AB  

Honda Ridgeline



The Honda Ridgeline is a sport utility truck, unlike anything else on the Honda lineup. With innovative truck bed features and a ton of cargo capacity, this is the perfect truck for any type of driver.  
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