Scion C-HR Concept Edmonton AB

Scion C-HR Concept Edmonton AB

When Scion announced that they would be introducing a brand-new concept car at the 2015 LA Auto Show, one that could certainly see a production model follow in quick succession, the last thing we were expecting was to see the Scion C-HR Concept in Edmonton AB. The C-HR concept vehicle was originally a Toyota concept that we had covered before, and now that we see it with Scion badging it makes much more sense and seems much more plausible, so perhaps we should’ve seen it coming. The C-HR has been confirmed to have a production model which will debut sometime in 2016, and it will mark the brand’s first foyer into the crossover classification.

Sneak Peek at the Scion C-HR Concept

Scion C-HR Concept Edmonton AB

As with many Scion and Toyota vehicle, C-HR has meaning behind its lettering. The C stands for compact while HR stands for High Ride. So the C-HR will be a compact crossover with a high ride height, which sums the concept vehicle up pretty well. The vehicle was designed with young urban creatives in mind, also known as yuccies. Scion is a brand that embraces its weird, and offers vehicles geared toward younger drivers, both facts that add into our realization that we perhaps should’ve seen the C-HR coming before the LA Auto Show.

But our lack of seeing the future aside, we are extremely excited to see what the C-HR production model can bring to the lineup. Scion has grown immeasurably the past year or two, with the addition of the Scion iM and the trimming of vehicles that just we’re working anymore. With new direction and outstanding new vehicles like the C-HR, the Scion could very well be the future. We don’t yet know much about the C-HR, but the Wheaton Toyota on the Trail sales team would be glad to try to answer any that you might have. We’ll continue updating you on the C-HR concept and production model as more information comes to light.


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